Introducing the Xbox 360 Legendary themed Halo 4 modded controller. This stunning Xbox 360 controller is a must have for any fan of the Halo series of games and will truly show other gamers that you are THE hardcore Halo player. With today being the Halo 4 launch date, the time to act is now to ensure you are best equipped to guide Master Chief from the very first moment you load the game in your Xbox 360.

What’s Inside?
This modded controller is optimized for the latest first person shooters and ships with the IntensaFire 3.1 HS stealth 12 mode rapid fire package. This is the Master Mod option that includes modes such as Akimbo, Drop Shot, Jitter, Fast Reload, Sniper Breath and Auto Burst. Features include a brilliant Blue LED Ring Of Light surrounding a chromed out guide button adorned with a Halo Blue Xbox logo. To round out this fully customized Halo 4 controller, users will find gleaming Chrome ABXY buttons, bumpers, triggers and bottom insert that tie in exquisitely with the Chrome transforming d-pad.

Halo 4 Artwork
This Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 Wireless Controller contains unique UNSC (United Nations Space Command)artwork and decaling. The lower left-hand area of the controller is emblazoned with the always recognizable UNSC eagle insignia. 

Fit, Finish and Design
The top controller shell is made up of a dark grey/blue translucent plastic with a smooth-as-silk glossy finish. The artwork and logo itself is contained under the gloss finish so there are no concerns with scratches, scrapes, nicks or chips blemishing the artwork. The dark-grey/blue translucent case allows gamers to easily see thru to the inner works of the controller and accompanying circuitry and Xbox 360 controller mod. The bottom controller shell is the same dark grey translucent case as the top shell, however, the bottom shell is finished in a porous matte finish which helps users maintain a solid grip on the controller and minimizes sweat, dirt and grime from affecting the controller’s performance.

Blue vs Green
The Halo 4 UNSC Limited Edition controller also contains a glowing blue Xbox Guide Button instead of the traditional green glow of a regular Xbox 360 Guide Button. This controller also features the transforming d-pad that has also been present on special edition controllers in the past (Gears of War 3 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Limited Collector’s Editions). The primary feature of the transforming d-pad is to allow users to rotate the d-pad to adapt to the user’s gameplay style. By rotating the d-pad, users are able to take the controller from a four point directional ‘plus’ (4-way) or a sweeping motion control ‘disk’ (8-way) d-pad quickly and easily.

Halo 4 Modded Controller Performance
This modded controller also features the new concave style analog thumbsticks and the customized nimble Chromed Out ABXY buttons. The Battery Pack is finished in a stylish flat matte black finish. The UNSC Halo 4 Limited Edition controller also offers a wireless gameplay range of up to 30 feet. Gamers can rest assured that even with a room full of gamers, everyone will still be in gameplay range will enjoying the freedom to move around anywhere in the room with their controller mods.

Oh Yah, How About a Free T-Shirt Too?
That’s right, not only are you getting an awesome official Halo 4 Limited Edition Controller professionally pre-modified with an IntensaFire 3.1 Master Mod, but we’re also throwing in a free t-shirt. Yup that’s right, for every Halo 4 Limited Edition Controller ordered, we’ll include a download code that can be redeemed for a bonus official Halo t-shirt for your Xbox Live Avatar. And don’t think we forgot about you female gamers out there, cause we know girls like to get their game on too. Each controller will contain a download code for either a male or female avatar t-shirt.